Photo Fun

I've actually done quite a few projects that I haven't taken the time to blog about lately. Things are getting more and more fun! I've designed my own website now, and am quicker about posting over there. Check it out www.lovechelldesigns.com

A couple months ago my nephew got baptized and we had a luncheon at my sister's house. I looked across the room and saw all my brothers and my dad sitting together and had to snap a few pictures. Well it turned into about 80 pictures, most of which involved hitting, pinching, nose-picking, tackling, silly faces, and laughing. I got a few that were actually decent but got home and threw them on my computer and I was so bummed out. The lighting was horrible, and the background was way too busy. I knew it would be busy and figured I could just crop it out, but the pictures didn't look right with the top cropped out. So, I had a bit of fun revamping one of the pictures. I now have it printed out, in a frame in my office reminding me of four of my favorite guys. :) Before and after:


Kim's Graduation!

My oldest niece on my side, Kimberly, is graduating from High School. I had so much fun designing her graduation announcements, because, well, basically she's gorgeous. All her pictures were great and really fun to work with. As usual the very first design I tried was ultimately my favorite. I love it when the person chooses my favorite!

This was the last one I designed, it is actually a combination of two designs put together. Kim's mom (Sherri) really liked the picture of Kim sitting on the log (the black and white one) and after designing this one, I felt the same. Such a cute face.

This design was a little more scrapbooky, and it is the one I thought they were going to use, even though I'm glad they didn't. I did like how it turned out though.

This is the design they chose, it is at the printers as I write. (I'm blogging this 4/19 but I don't think I'll post it until they have been delivered to the recipients. Wouldn't want to ruin it.) I love the picture of her by the tree! So fun, I hope I get a chance to do a lot more of these types of projects.


One of my firsts.

About a year and a half ago my sister Shalyn was pregnant with her first boy. I was so excited to do the shower invitations, it was one of the first design jobs I did that I actually had printed and distributed. I saw a design similar to this online and had to try it. And PS, she has the cutest, chubbiest little boy I've ever seen.

Business Cards

Throughout the past few years I've been able to design business cards for a few different businesses. It is hard to try to come up with a unique look for a business card, but still a lot of fun. Here are a few of the cards I've designed.

My sister and I decided to start our own card making business a few years back. We called it The Great Little Card Company. It was a lot of work, and we only lasted the one year LOL, but we had these cute business cards to show for it. The logo was designed by both of us together.

These are the business cards I designed for my hubby's construction company. I designed the logo, and all his invoices, estimates, etc. match his cards. And he is, by the way, the best finish carpenter in the world. He is partnered up with his little brother Dalan.

In another misguided attempt at going in to business, 6 of us decided to start up a snap-band business. The bands were super rad, and if anyone is in the market I still have a few.... thousand. I didn't design this logo, it was designed by my sister Jayla, who is, might I add, an amazing designer and a super-cute mom of (almost) 3 yahoos.

This is a business card I designed for a friend who was starting a home staging/home organization business. This was a fun card.


A Fun Project.

A few months ago I had a really fun project come my way. Jason was doing some finish work at the Peterson's house and they were wanting a new door for their wine closet. They went to the glass company thinking they could find a design they liked, but they didn't like anything they saw. Jason mentioned to them that I dabble in design, and I was hired! She had a pretty good idea of the basic look she wanted, so it wasn't too hard to please. I was really happy with the way it turned out!


Some of the Blogs I have designed.

Over the past year or so, I have designed and re-designed my family blog a dozen times or so. Over the past few months I have prevailed upon my sisters to let me design their blog backgrounds too. As you can see, I'm a little obsessed. Here are a few of the blogs I have designed over the past few months... you'll notice that most of them are quite "springy."

My sister D's Blog...she has 8 kids and just started blogging.

My oldest Sister Sherri's Blog... this is her personal blog, I also designed her family blog you can see below.

This is my family blog.

My younger sister Karen's blog... this was originally in browns and blacks, but we changed the color for the spring season.

Sherri's family blog. One of my favorites.

This is my little (single, adorable) sister Ashley's blog.

McKyla is my 12 year old. She loves blogging and facebooking, but hasn't been online lately, because she's grounded. LOL.

This is my little sister Amber's blog. It's not springy, but it is the right color for them to welcome in their new baby boy due in 3 months!


Amber's Wedding Announcements

Last October my little sister Amber got herself hitched to Nathaniel. I had the privilege of designing her wedding announcements for her. This was my first shot at designing announcements and it was dang fun. I learned a ton of new things working on these, and it was great to work with a printer and act all professional and such. Here are the three invites I gave her to choose from. Her choice is the bottom one!

I'm showing this one first, because it was my least favorite by far. I first did 7 or 8 generic designs to give them an idea, before they had their pictures taken. This was their favorite choice of those generic designs, but once it had the pictures in it, I just didn't love it. The next two were designs I made based on the pictures.

There was a close tie between this design and the one they actually chose. I love them both, but I really loved this picture of them in front of the truck. So cute.

This is the announcement they eventually ended up using. It was my ultimate favorite, so I was happy with their choice! This project was a pure joy for me - and I got to count it as my wedding gift to them... double whammy!