Photo Fun

I've actually done quite a few projects that I haven't taken the time to blog about lately. Things are getting more and more fun! I've designed my own website now, and am quicker about posting over there. Check it out www.lovechelldesigns.com

A couple months ago my nephew got baptized and we had a luncheon at my sister's house. I looked across the room and saw all my brothers and my dad sitting together and had to snap a few pictures. Well it turned into about 80 pictures, most of which involved hitting, pinching, nose-picking, tackling, silly faces, and laughing. I got a few that were actually decent but got home and threw them on my computer and I was so bummed out. The lighting was horrible, and the background was way too busy. I knew it would be busy and figured I could just crop it out, but the pictures didn't look right with the top cropped out. So, I had a bit of fun revamping one of the pictures. I now have it printed out, in a frame in my office reminding me of four of my favorite guys. :) Before and after:


  1. i love your new background its really cute

  2. Well done, I would have never guessed you changed the photo!